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Welcome to Kawsar Auto Spares Ltd

Kawsar Auto Spares Ltd is a highly-functional automotive spare parts distributorship and retailer of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) equivalent products for all Japanese vehicles namely: Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Lexus, Subaru, Honda, Isuzu and Mazda in Kenya.

Established in 1992 as a family business, we strive for excellence by operating our business in a socially, ethically and environmentally responsible manner. Since its foundation, our robust growth is a result of visionary and dynamic leadership that continues to meet our customers’ diverse needs while striving to strengthen our technical and development capabilities.

As the automotive industry has developed, we adhere to the corporate principle of “quality first”. With this spirit and as a technology oriented corporate, we are committed to continuously enhance our technology and to provide new products and new values that delight our valued customers. This has allowed us to differentiate our business far beyond our competitors.

Through pursuing the customers’ satisfaction and delight, we currently operate from a consolidated store with a computerized point of sales system. Also, we have managed to expand our business by opening an additional retail outlet and become a “leading motor vehicle auto parts dealer” in Kenya.

Moving forward, the progress of economic globalization in recent years has brought rapid changes to the business environment. Kawsar will aim to make the leap to being an overwhelmingly dominant national auto parts supplier in the industry and will contribute to developing a prosperous society by further enhancing its community engagement while working to reinforce its already firm management structure and base.

We will continue working with our affiliates and subsidiaries around the world to ensure we provide our customers with a wide variety of products. At Kawsar, we have been enhancing not only safety, quality, but also the BCP (Business Continuity Plan). Also, we understand that being a leading corporate citizen, who contributes to the society, is essential to a sustainable corporate activity.

Therefore, we make the best effort to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities and to be trusted by all the stakeholders, such as customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and local communities. Each and every one at Kawsar will keep pursuing the further enhancement of the corporate value and the corporate growth.We sincerely appreciate your continued support.

Proud History

Our proud evolution dates back more than twenty (20) years and can be traced as follows:


1992 – The Gulamhusein family opens a small spare parts shop in Mombasa CBD’s Haile Selassie Avenue; this premiers the establishment of the company


Expansion of the outlet. Kawsar acquired 3 more adjacent stores and begins to operate with a larger retail space.


Establishment of fully computerised systems introduces the Digital transition to modern systems (no more paper records etc).


Gets distributorship of well-known branded products (including Kayaba Shock Absorbers, 555 suspension parts, Sankei Roki filters etc).


Grows its corporate clientele to 60% of spare parts sales – a big increase in major clientele.


Introduced Spare parts for vehicles such as Subaru, Mazda, Honda and Suzuki.


Opens Nyali branch in Mombasa North.